Weekend Recap :: March 4

9:41 PM

Hi girlies!

This weekend did not go as planned. Like at all 😂

First, I had to work on Saturday 1.5 hours from Fort Worth. I rushed home to go to Ash's birthday party but traffic made it so difficult. I'm so glad I got to see him though. Every minute with this sweet boy is precious to me. 
I love him so much. He makes my heart melt.
On Sunday, we planned to go to Texas Tulips field in Pilot Point, Tx near Denton, TX. If you haven't gone, GO! It's really pretty but it rained this weekend that we had to post pone our plans. Oh to the well. Texas Tulips opens at the end of February to the end of March but it is first come, first serve. I had friends who went at the end of March to find very few tulips left. 
I tried to be as productive as possible on this cloudy day. 
How was your weekend?

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