Weekend Recap :: March 25

7:41 AM

Follow the bluebonnet filled road. 

We went to visit my sister – a junior at Texas A & M in College Station. Beautiful bluebonnets led the way. She gave us on a tour of the campus. We saw the 12th man monument, Kyle field, and the quad. We even saw a marriage proposal at the century tree!  

We went to Layne’s for lunch. If you stop by, I recommend sharing a plate with a friend. A plate comes with five chicken tenders, a basket of French fries, coleslaw, and toast. Then we went to the local mall to visit puppies at the Puppy Station. The puppy station sells puppies but lets you play with the puppies for only 25 cents! Be prepared to wait 15-30 minutes, though!

It's never too early to start visiting college campuses, right? When we ask Ashy where he wants to go to college, he says Texas A&M. We took some pictures and if he decides to go to A&M one day, I hope he treasures these memories of visiting the campus for his first time. I always hear students about how they fall in love with a campus on their first visit. We asked what was Asher’s favorite part of the day and he said it was a triple tie between seeing America, touring the campus, and the puppy station. He said his least favorite was the marriage proposal because he had to be quiet. Lol
We were so tired from driving and walking around campus so we wanted to relax with a good movie. Unfortunately, Beauty and the Beast was sold out. I want to see this movie so badly! So we watch Finding Dory. Spoiler alert!!! It’s such a cute movie – teared up when Dory found her parents.  I bet everyone reading this has already watched it. But it was super cute. 

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Thank you for reading! If you know of someone who wants to attend Texas A&M, please share this with them! Thanks and Gig 'em! lol

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