Weekend Recap :: March 18

7:45 PM

On Saturday, we woke up early in NYC to fly back to Texas. Then our flight was delayed but we didn’t complain because weather was getting a little hectic. I was able to work and eat a donut while we waited to board the plane.
With the possibility of moving houses, I really need to start spring cleaning. I need to reorganize and do a major closet down size. I am making lists of what I need to I need to give away, try to sell, and keep. I’m thinking of starting a separate Instagram for my resale shop. I would love to open a consignment shop one day with unique vintage designer bags, clothes, and accessories.

I am a pack rat and it is the worst trait ever. Until Alex and I got married, I had tubs and tubs filled with binders, books, and other things from high school. It was ridiculous. Having less stuff would make moving so much easier. I just really regret getting rid of something then paying more to get something like it back. Does that make sense? I can name some things I completely regret getting rid of like my crop denim jacket from high school lol.

My Instagram shop name will be called @the30to30shop and I want to donate a percentage of each sale to Doctor’s Without Borders. Look for my items on Poshmark, eBay, Facebook or Instagram.

I tried to be productive on Saturday by packing, doing laundry, organizing, and cleaning up the house. When I finally sat down, I realized how tired I was and had to take a break. Lol I was so glad to go to church on Sunday, visit with my parents, and hang out with my boo.

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