Weekend Recap :: March 11

8:19 PM

I tried to make the most of this weekend.
I had a ladies day on Saturday. My mom got her hair done and we got our nails done. Picking a polish color is so tough. I usually alternate between pink, black, and a glossy white. I almost tried a different color but I love pink too much. We took my mom to the Texas Tulips in Pilot Point, Texas. We tried going last weekend but it was raining. Afterwards, we went to Rosa’s Café for lunch. I ran more errands wearing my embroidery jeans (look here). Later that day, I joined some friends for some frozen yogurt.

On Saturday night and Sunday morning, we packed and got ready for our trip to New York City. I was suppose to take a 30 minute nap but I overslept two hours. I woke up at 6:30 AM and our flight was scheduled to depart at 8:30 AM. YIKES. We got up the exact time to make it to our flight. God is good. We parked the closest we could, panicked a little through security, and practically ran inside only to find out that our flight was delayed. -__-

Sunday was INCREDIBLE in New York City . We checked into my dream hotel – the one, the only, ladies and gentlemen, the Plaza Hotel. Do you remember me talking about how I wanted to stay here last time we were in New York City? Here's proof lol. I love staying at Hotels and resorts that strive to provide the best customer service. The Plaza Hotel is implacable and elegantly detailed. We are getting super spoiled. 

I have a question for you – do you want to see more of my trip on Instagram stories?

We were able to meet up with our talented friend, Erica! She photographed our proposal, engagement, wedding, and anniversary photos. She moved to New York recently so it was great to catch up with her.
Thank you so much for reading! 

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