Walk the Bridge

3:34 PM

Walk the Bridge
Walk the Brooklyn Bridge that is.
We got in late from our flight from Iceland on Friday. We didn’t want to make the commute to Manhattan so we chose to stay in an airport hotel halfway between La Guardia airport and John F Kennedy airport. Since our flight home didn’t leave until the afternoon, we made the most of our morning by going to Brooklyn Bridge. I have wanted to walk this bridge for the longest time. I only saw it from afar on our first two visits.

I am wearing a thermal shirt underneath my black classic turtleneck, because it was a cold morning and I knew we would be outside for some time. Underneath my distressed denim, I am wearing black fishnets. I finished the look with some classic black touches including my Gucci loafers and my classic Chanel flap bag.

If you want to walk the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, I have some tips. We got an Uber and typed in the Brooklyn Bridge but it wasn’t coming up with the location we wanted. We searched for near by shops or restaurants. We thought we picked a good one but we didn’t. I recommend taking an Uber to the Brooklyn Bridge Café. It is across the street from the pedestrian walkway to the bridge.
When walking on the bridge, keep in mind the walk and bike lanes. Otherwise, you will be rudely reminded. Haha. It is New York after all. The views on the bridge are really incredible
For all my bloggers, I was not planning on doing a shoot on the morning before we came home so I am so glad a planned a “just in case” outfit. I learned this lesson from another trip where we were at an amazing location but I didn’t have something.

Thank you so much for reading!
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