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I have posted travel diaries and itineraries with hopes to inspire you to travel and/or give you some tips. However, I wanted to share some tips on planning a trip.

First, before you look a hotels and flights - WHERE do you want to go?
If you have a budget and/or limitations on vacation from your job, it's important that you choose your destination wisely. Don't spend time or money on an mehh place when you can use that time and money on your dream destination! 

Make three lists : Dream, First, and Second lists.
Your dream list should include 3 to 5 DREAM destinations. Destinations that you would want to go if you had 3 months to live. These destinations should take priority over the other lists. 
Destinations on your "Primary" list are places that you really want to go visit. These are places that are honorable mentions in comparison to your Dream list. 
The last list is the Second list which can include places that you would like to return to or visit on a layover or for a wedding/graduation. 
For example, Thailand is on my Dream list and Palm Springs is on my secondary list. If I bought flights, airline tickets, vacation clothing 🙈, food, transportation, attractions, and souvenirs - it would be wasting money that could go toward my Thailand trip. Even though, I would LOVE to go to Palm Springs, I want to prioritize to make the best use of my time and money. 
Second - when can you go?
A lot of companies like Groupon, Travelocity, and Travelzoo have deals but be careful!!! The deals are usually when the low points of the year when there are less travelers. Trust me, there is a reason why there are less travelers. We went to Paris over Christmas break because Alex would be taking classes all summer. We got a good deal, too! We didn't know it at the time, but Paris and London can be very cold during that time. We got extremely lucky and the weather was a million times better than it normally is. 

Third - Make a list of what you want to do!
Do research, look at blogs, look at Instagram, and talk to friends. Prioritize your list.  On many of our trips, we aren't able to do some things that we really wanted to do so prioritize! For example, we wanted to go to the Sky deck the windows that come out of a really tall building overlooking the city of Chicago formerly known as the Sears tower. We didn't prioritize so we left it to our last day when the visibility was horrible. All we could see were clouds. I keep my lists, inspiration pictures, and maps on my phone. 
Need some travel inspiration? Click here.
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