Essentials Packing List

6:15 PM

I always forget something when I travel. Like always. The tough part is when it is something essential like a toothbrush. I put together a list for myself. I hope this helps you as well! I think I have forgotten everything on this list at least once. I wrote this packing list over a few days to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything and I got some input on social media.

   1.     Toothbrush
    2.     Toothpaste
    3.     Contacts
    4.     Extra pair of contacts
    5.     Contact solution
    6.     Swimsuit
    7.     Undies
    8.     Bras
    9.     Pajamas
   10. Phone charger
   11. Headphones
   12. Hair brush
   13. Make up
   14. Passports

   15. Body lotion
   16. Headphones/earphones (thanks, Jazz!)
   17. Headache medicine/essential oils/allergy medicine (thank you, Emily Beth)
   18. Water bottle (LS for the save)
   19. Sweater

I hope you found this list helpful! Please share it if you found it helpful 💗

If you think I should add anything else, please let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

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