All Inclusive Resort vs. Cruise

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All-inclusive vs. Cruise
For our honeymoon, we were pampered at an All-inclusive resort. A year later, Alex wanted a cruise for his birthday. I thought cruises were all-inclusive food and drinks. The prices for the cruise were around $600 per person. SCORE!! Alex picked the best birthday gift 😏 I thought it would be amazing considering that it would cost less than half of our resort cost. However, I learned that the cruise ticket price was a way to lure customers.

Adult drinks are not included. Wifi is not included. Gratuity is automatically added on your card. I calculated how much I would have to pay on the cruise to get the same experience we had at the resort and we would have had to pay more on the cruise. Let’s talk about the cons and pros of a cruise compared to an all-inclusive.

Pros of a cruise::
1.     We were able to visit three different countries.
2.     We were able to explore three different cultures.

Cons of a cruise::
1.     Adult drinks are not included in the cruise ticket
2.     Wifi is not included in the cruise ticket.
You have to pay an additional fee for Wifi and even with it, the connection is weak. We even bought the “best” WiFi package.
3.     The rooms are small. In fact, a comedian perfectly described the rooms as 8x10 jail cells.
4.     Our all-inclusive had beach parties and foam parties
5.     If you have a cruise with three destinations on an 8 day cruise, you spend about 20 hours off the cruise ship, meaning you spend about 90% of the time on the boat.
6.     At an all-inclusive, you can go to the beach whenever you want.
7.     When the cruise ship lands at the destination, it is your responsibility to plan your activities in advance. To attend the clean and beautiful beaches that are affordable as in less than $75 a day book your reservation in advance. Public beaches are pretty but crowded. To go to one of the nicer beaches, you can book an excursion which start around $110.

Both ::
1.     Beach and sand
2.     Beautiful views
3.     Both have entertainment like shows and casinos
Price Breakdown:

All inclusive stay & flight in the Caribbean $1200-1500 per person 

Cruise :: Ticket $650 
Parking $80
Drinks (similar to an all-inclusive) $400
Gratuity $100
Excursions (beaches similar to all-inclusive) $400
Total :: $1650 per person

Keep in mind that I’ve heard Carnival is not one of the best cruise ship companies. Also keep in mind that I went to an all-inclusive first. Also, we do not have any children which may make a tie breaker for families.
Overall ::

Both options include vacation, relaxation, no cooking, and the beach. The cruise has many additional costs while the all-inclusive has a higher initial cost.

Let me know if you have any questions! You can check out my travel posts on each specific beach.

Punta Cana (All inclusive)



Grand Cayman 

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