9. The Plaza Hotel

8:10 PM

Dream Nine
I know it sounds super cheesy but yes, staying at the Plaza Hotel in New York City was a dream come true for me. We all have silly dreams, right?  Or is that just me? Take into account that I absolutely love staying in hotels. So this is kind of a big deal. 
I have been inspired to stay at the Plaza since watching Home Alone Lost in New York. Before going for first time to NYC, I had to save for a long time to go to the big city. I saw the Plaza Hotel and I was mesmerized. I remember looking into the hotel when we got home to see what it would cost to stay there. The pictures online convinced me that I had to stay there. I made a promise to myself to stay there at least for one night.

We spent our first married Christmas in New York City and I wanted to stay at the Plaza but they were completely booked. Post here. I knew that we were going to be in NYC for one night before leaving to Iceland so I thought it would be a great opportunity. I asked Alex to spend the money on a night at the Plaza instead of a DJ for my last minute graduation party. Best decision ever.

As soon as we arrived to the Plaza, I was impressed by their above and beyond service. The bell service men came and got our bags with a warm welcome. Guys, the room was incredible. Best hotel I’ve ever stayed at. It was better than I imagined more than six years ago. We had views of central park. The bathroom was incredible. The marble floors are heated. I mean, I was literately jumping on the bed lol. We would call the service desk and they were unbelievably helpful from communicating to the taxi driver to prompt service.

 Thank you so much for reading!

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I hope this inspires you to chase after your dreams! If this encouraged you or think it could encourage others, please share! XO, Ana

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