Weekend Recap :: February 25

7:35 AM

This weekend we didn't just have date night - we had a date weekend ;)

The weekend started off with Alex having a mentor session with one of the best photographers in the DFW area - Angie Garcia. It was meeting someone who you stalk on Instagram in real life lol. I was so nervous and excited because she has shot with some pretty incredible bloggers and she is soooo good! Can you imagine admiring someone's work on Instagram then actually meeting and working with them in real life?!! She was so nice and sweet! Alex and I learned a lot from her and can't wait to work on what we learned. On Sunday, Alex spent the afternoon working and editing photos using what Angie taught him. I'm excited to show you! 

After running some errands, Alex took me to a UTA Mavericks basketball ball game. Even though I'm not really into sports, it was a good game. Go Mavs! We went to watch Get Out and it was soooo good! I definitely recommend it. I'm not into scary movies but I do like thrillers especially ones that make you think and deal with actual issues. This one was very well written. 

Sunday was a super chill day. literally chilly. I woke up late. Then to make matters worse, I left my make up on the night before. I hate that. I've heard it's really bad for your skin if you leave your make up over night. I have had really bad allergies lately so I spent the day in sweats and drinking tea. 
If you saw my Insta stories then you saw some bomb pancakes at Crackel Barrel. My IG @30dreamsto30 

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