Picking a Wedding Dress

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How about some Wedding Advice on this lovely Wednesday?

Picking a Wedding Dress

Picking THE dress is not an easy decision. Not just any dress - this is your wedding dress. A dress for a really important day of your life. No pressure. No stress. Right?! I’m totally kidding. Choosing your wedding dress can be stressful, but I hope I can help you through the process.  

1. Team Bride
I recommend that you take people to help you choose your dress. Take your mom, an encouraging friend, a voice of reason, and someone who’s opinion matters to you. 
The encouraging friend is there to tell you how beautiful you look in almost every dress. The friend who is the voice of reason when you want to purchase a 30 pound dress that will take up more than half of your wedding budget will help you make a reasonable decision. Take someone's who's opinion matters to you like to hear - maybe your maid of honor, your childhood best friend, or mother of your fiancé? I took my sister who will tell people how she sees it, no matter what. She's also really good at pointing out the negative aspects. When she hardly found anything wrong with a dress- it was like getting her approval lol.
2. Scouting
I first recommend going to a store that has several dress options without pressure to purchase a dress like David’s bridal. Make an appointment and invite your crew. At your first dress shop, the goal is to narrow your choices in terms of dress stiletto and color. Find the style that suits you the best. Do you like the trumpet or maybe mermaid look? Or do you prefer the ball gown style? Take lots and lots of pictures so you don’t forget. Play close attention to the fabrics. Do you prefer strapless, with straps, or maybe cap shoulders? Do you like lace or do you prefer tulle? Do you want a short or Cathedral veil?

3. Appointments
Once you have narrowed your search to the style and color, it is time to make appointments at shops that will cater to your style. For example, Pence and Penche has dresses with more bling. Other shops may mainly carry strapless dresses.
After I went to two different wedding dress shops, i narrowed my search to a mermaid dress, white, and lace for my ceremony dress.  For my reception, I chose a ball gown dress and a cut out dress. Scouting the main features you want in your dress will help when you have to decide on the final one. 

5. Undergarments and Alterations
When you show up to your appointment, make sure to wear to wear appropriate under garments like a strapless bra and Spanx. Wear what you plan to wear on your actual wedding day. One thing to keep in mind is weight increase or decrease. I lost an inch between my last fitting and the actual wedding date which meant, my dress fit me slightly loose around my waist. It was a blessing and a curse lol.
I did not realize that I needed to start the wedding dress process at least 8 months before the wedding. Oops! From what I understood, once you find the dress of your dreams, the shop orders the dress and so then the dress is made. It can take months. I started looking for a dress only five months in advance so I had to get a dress already in the production process. The problem was the dress was almost double my dress size. I was reassured that the dress could be tailored. They were able to tailor my dress but, unfortunately after the dress was altered the dress did not look the same. Keep this in mind when you are shopping for your dress!
Try on dresses and take a lot of pictures. Keep this in mind - the dress is not the most important part of your wedding. Your relationship is the most important. 

I remember walking into Bliss bridal shop and seeing some brides cry over choosing their wedding dress. I rolled my eyes wondering how a dress could make them tear up. Once I found my dress, I started crying because I found the dress that I would wear when I would unite forever to the love of my life. I reminded myself of what was really important. 
I wish you the best on your journey to find your dress! This is such an exciting  ime in your life. Keep me updated and let me know if you have any questions!

Please share this with a friend who is getting married! Let me know if you have any other helpful tips!

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