Engaged .......Now what?

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Congratulations on your engagement!
This is going to be one of the happiest and most stress filled seasons. Planning a wedding is not easy especially if you are a perfectionist. I survived planning two weddings and I want to give you some help on how to START.
The two questions almost EVERY vendor (from florist, photographer, venue, etc) will ask you are:
1.When is your wedding?
2. How many guests?

Let's work on this first!
I have broken the process into four phases.
First phase: Brainstorm 1st Month
I first recommend making two lists. The first list is the guest list and the second would prioritize your wedding goals.

I recommend Excel for your guest list. I recommend at least a month of brainstorming your guest list. Color code the guests into three categories : Must, Mhmm, and Maybe. Must is the category for the people that MUST be invited like close relatives, best friend, etc. These are the people that without a doubt must be invited. Mhmm is the category for the people you have to think about inviting. The maybe category is for people who are maybe yes and maybe no.
I recommend a month so you can have some time to think about your list and categories. Keep in mind that while you may have 300+ on your list, it is highly likely that not all can attend.
While you make your list, I recommend a few vertical columns. First, the guest group name i.e. if you are inviting the Gonzalez family, don't write all 7 family member names! Next to the group name write the number of invited people. If you have a friend with a boyfriend/girlfriend as a +1 then make sure to include them. In the next column, write how many invitations you would need for the group. In the next two columns, break down the group into adults and children. Many venues and catering companies have different prices for adults and children.
Making this list will help you stay organized when it comes to ordering invitations, making wedding favors, making a realistic people count, and more. Knowing the amount of people you really want at your wedding is important for the next step!

Make a list of your wedding goals alone. Ask your groom/bride to make one. Compare and narrow down what is most important aspect(s) of your wedding. Keep this list. Laminate this list. Let this list guide the process and your budget. If live entertainment is at the bottom of your list, then why send a quarter of your budget on it?!

We ran into many conflicts with my wedding. We referred to what was most important to us. We really wanted to get married at the Dallas Arboretum (second choice) so we had to have our wedding on a Sunday. We chose the venue for our date preference. For example, maybe you want to bring your own alcohol but your first choice venue does not allow that. Your list can help decipher whether to choose another venue or not bring your own alcohol.

Use this list because wedding costs add up quick and the further along the process you are, the easier it becomes to justify spending $2,000 on Chivari chairs (totally guilty) and $1,000 on uplighting (totally guilty, again lol).

Thank you for reading! If you want to chat or have questions, email me! 30dreamsto30@gmail.com

Next step :: Shopping for your Wedding dress

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