8. My Brother is a Marine

9:33 AM

Hi, everyone! Greetings from San Diego!
In November, my only brother left to Marine boot camp. I was really happy that he chose a career path that he seemed passionate about. I was also very proud of his selfless and serving attitude. Willing to move away from your family to serve your country is not an easy decision. I really appreciate all those who serve this great country.
When Kenny was in boot camp for 3 months, we were not allowed to see or even call him. We could only write letters and we did almost every week. I remember how excited we were to get his first letter. I will forever treasure these moments. Even little Ash wrote Kenny letters and drew pictures.

After three months, we were finally able to see him on Family Day. We flew to San Diego (a city guide is coming!) and arrived at the Recruiting depot early hoping to get the best spot to see Kenny. We found his platoon number and stood impatiently behind the cones as directed by Drill Instructors. There was a senior Drill Instructor directing the event. He allowed all mothers and grandmothers to go to the front of the line. We waited, waited, waited, and then they called my brother’s platoon! We all looked for him and then saw him toward the back of the platoon. It was an unexplainable joy to see him after so many months. They ran their course, showered, and changed out of their PT clothes before we actually got to hug him.

We waited in a presentation and then in line to hug him. When the senior drill instructor released the impatient group of families – guys, it was a sight that STILL brings happy tears to my eyes. Families and friends running to hug their Marine. Hugs, smiles, tears, joy – it was incredible. But my family couldn’t find Kenny in the crowd of almost 500 new Marines plus maybe 2,000 family members. We looked and looked for him. We split into groups to find him and bring him back to my mom. I looked for him on my own determined to find him but didn't find him. I headed back to my mom when Alex got my attention and behold – it was KENNY! I almost dropped everything and hugged him.
This was definitely one of the best days of my life. I had a hard time believing the recruiters when they said that the new Marines would look different when they finished boot camp, but they were right.

I am so proud of my brother for finishing what many consider the most difficult both mental and physical boot camp in the World for a fighting organization. God only gave me one brother and I think he gave me the best one. Please pray for him as this is only the beginning of the journey. If you are serving our country- I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


I love you, Kenny!

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