5 Things you MUST do in Los Angeles

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If you are visiting LA for a short period of time here's a list of the things you MUST check out! 
1. The Hollywood sign
It's iconic. It's scenic. It's Hollywood. But it's hard to get to it. If you try using maps or google, it's not going to lead you to the best spot to see the sign. Here's what you gotta do: First drive and park at Lake Hollywood Park. There's a lot of parking along the street. Second, hike up to the trail. You will see signs saying that there is no Acess to the Hollywood sign. Ignore them. You will see signs that you cannot enter. Ignore them. Act like you know what you're doing. Trust me. Keep walking. It's about an hour from the park. Walk through neighborhoods respectfully and you won't have problems with the park rangers. The park rangers are there to make sure someone doesn't get hurt trying to hike directly up to the Hollywood sign or park where they aren't suppose to. Walk through a really deceiving entrance and you will make it to a great view at Tyrolian Tank. Keep hiking for about 35 to 45 minutes to the Hollywood sign at Mount Lee. 

Drive to Lake Hollywood Park. Park your car here so you don't get in trouble with the Park rangers.
The picture above was taken a steep walk past the Lake Hollywood Park.

Below is the really deceiving entrance. It looks like you can't enter or it's a private entrance but it's not. Keep walking and it will lead you to a great view.
This is the view.

2. Walk of Fame 
Before researching the walk of Fame, I thought it would be glamorous but it's totally not. This is not the area of town you want you to be alone at night. You can search for your favorite stars online or just walk. 

3. Venice Beach
This is not your typical peaceful beach 😂. Venice Beach is known for the artistic and unique setting. This is a very popular area for homeless people to sleep and live. There are a lot of places to eat. I was hoping to get a photo of the Venice sign but someone changed the letter V to B. 😒
This is the West Coast so don't expect too many people wearing swim suits like in Florida or the Caribbean. This is a great place to chill and enjoy the sun, sand, and breeze. 

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
You may not have time to check out the entire museum but you have to see the artwork outside called Urban Light. It's so famous, pretty, and free.

5. Spot a celebrity 
Keep your eyes and ears on alert for a celebrity! There's a really good chance you will spot one at a restaurant or out shopping. Besides New York City or Coachella this is your best bet. Try spotting a celebrity at Rodeo Drive. This place is curated for the very wealthy. Stores include Celine, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and others 😍. A lot of people like to drive by this street is to spot luxury cars. 
For bloggers, this is a great place to take some photos. It's also a dream shopping destination. 

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