New Year 2017

8:56 PM

Start of 2017

Alex wanted to go on a cruise for his birthday and so I bought cruise tickets. My family also joined. We decided to start the celebration early and so we rented a condo in Galveston the night before the cruise. Everything was going great : the condo was across the street from the beach, the condo was perfect, it was an amazing condo with great views. We were getting ready to celebrate the New Year when my sister wanted to be responsible and print the documents for the cruise like the boarding passes, luggage tags, etc. As a procrastinator, I figured that we could print them the next day right before the cruise . My sister asked if we needed to print anything else and then I realized that I forgot our passports like 10 minutes before midnight. I ran to tell Alex. We called to verify that we needed our passports to board the ship. To our disappointment, we did need our passports or a birth certificate (along with a drivers license) which we also didn't have. We gave our parents a big hug before breaking them the news that we didn't have our passports. They flipped out. We were trying to figure out a way to go back home. It sucked. Especially the cost of getting an Uber one way was upwards of $250. We found a car rental company that was open 24 hours but it was 45 minutes away at the Hobby Airport. We got a ride to Hobby airport. When we arrived, the shuttle took too long (more than 45 minutes) and we called the Hobby airport but no one answered. We called like 100 times. It was so discouraging and frustrating. We came to the airport to get the rental car but we couldn't even get the rental. We thought about giving up. We walked to the car rental lot and saw the shuttle bus. We asked the driver to take us to the office which was close by so we went to the office to ask why they hadn't answered their phone, why their shuttle hadn't driven to the pick up area, and to get out rental car. We got our car rental (but no answers) and drove to Fort Worth. And drove back to Hobby Airport. An 8 hour round trip. Then 45 minutes to Galveston. It was a crazy way to start 2017.

Even through all the obstacles, I praised God for what was happening. I don't know why but this event was in God's perfect and loving plan. I am so grateful that America wanted to be responsible at that time because it helped me realize that I forgot our passports. It was exactly enough time to go home and get them. I know you're probably reading this and thinking, "How could you forget?!" Listen, I have no clue. The passports were not on my radar at all. I'm just glad that I'm on a cruise right now. I'm so thankful for Alex because I can't imagine this crazy adventure with anyone else.

First Destination :: Montego Bay, Jamaica

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