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Montego Bay, Jamaica was the first destination of our cruise (a full review coming soon). I can’t speak for everyone but I know I was ready to get to the beach after a few days at sea! The beaches at Montego Bay did not disappoint! 

Photos :: Never Lost Photography TX
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While the Jamaican beaches were amazing, what impressed me the most were the people. The Jamaicans we met were so kind, funny, and generous. My sister and her boyfriend took a break from the beach to souvenir shop at the surrounding shops when he encountered a woman.  She said sternly, “No shoes, no shirt” (my sister’s boyfriend didn’t have either) and finished her sentence with a big smile, “no problem”. I feel like this interaction encompasses my experiences in Jamaica. No problem, no worries.
While in Jamaica we enjoyed Doctors Cave Beach. The beach, water, weather, and views were spectacular. I recommend this location especially if you are coming with a cruise. I have to admit that it was more crowded than I would personally prefer. There were many vendors on the beach from braids to food to bracelets to weed lots of weed. My sister and I joked that we had never been offered so much weed in our life. Making me think, has anyone ever actually offered me weed? Probably not lol.

I recommend the Jerk chicken! It was so good! Instagram worthy – I might add!  

No problem, mon!
 My sunglasses are from Jewelry Bean (link here)
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Hat :: H&M
Dress :: Shein 

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