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En el mar la vida es mas sabrosa
Our last stop was Cozumel and as my parents would say, they saved the best for last. In my absolutely most biased opinion - I agree. 

When we got off the boat we were welcomed by two kind ladies in traditional Mexican clothing and two men in Mayan traditional clothing. It was my husband's first time visiting Mexico which made me really excited to for my husband to visit my home country. Mexico was without a doubt gorgeous. The sun was shining gloriously over the turquoise water. 

Since we were only staying for one day, we decided to stay at an all-inclusive beach resort. Our plan was to go to Mr. Sanchos but it was completely full so the taxi driver suggested another all-inclusive called Ocean. This is not a top all inclusive resort but for the few hours that we stayed in Cozumel it did the job. We were warmly welcomed with a tour, appetizers, and drinks. The food and drinks tasted great but there were so many other people at the small resort that the service was slow,
 There were areas that the beach had rocks. Overall, we were not impressed with Ocean Beach club but that's ok we still had a great time. 

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Montego Bay, Jamaica

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