Weekend Recap :: December 10

7:59 PM

At the last second possible, my mom calls me to see if I want to go to San Antonio. I respond by telling her that I will be ready in an hour.
I joined my parents on a short day trip to San Antonio.

 The Riverwalk is completely lit up and it looks beautiful!
I started my Instagram Giveaway Contest! 
I'm giving away a FREE Kylie lipkit. There was so much hype when they first came out and I just rolled my eyes. I thought they were pointless until someone told me how pigmented and high quality they were. I watched some reviews and gave them a chance. I tried Exposed and LOVED it. They dry matte, super pigmented, and smell good. 
I am giving away Candy K because it's soooo pretty that I want to keep it for myself lol!
To enter in the contest:;
1. Follow me on instagram @30dreamsto30
2. Tag two people

That's it! It's open internationally and you can enter as many times as you would like! I will answer the winner next Sunday December 18!

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