Reflecting on 2016

3:54 PM

I am going to give you my unplugged, honest reflection of 2016. I'm not holding back but please know that I am opening my heart to you. I want to be authentic and paint a real picture of my year. 

My theme this year was very motivated from losing my grandmother. I have regrets that I will take to my grave unfortunately. I wish I could have taken so so so many photos and videos with and of her. I wish I would have taken her out to visit some cool places like the beach. My aunt told me that my grandmother had always wanted to go to the beach but never had the opportunity. I cannot stop crying as I write this because I miss her and I regret how I lived thinking that tomorrow is promised and I can do it later. This year, I vowed not to live like that anymore. It sounds so cliche but my new mindset this year has been : the next 15 minutes are not guaranteed.  I am no longer thinking, "oh I can do that later" NOPE NOPE NOPE. I am doing it now so I don't live with anymore regrets. 

In the beginning of the year, Alex and I experienced some disappointment. Things didn't work out as we had hoped and we felt set back from our goals. It was hard but we had to continue to work hard and hope for new opportunities but I am not going to lie - it was tough. 

Before we got married, people kept telling me that marriage was hard. I didn't comprehend at the time and thought Alex and would have it easy since we had been dating for a little over seven years. About half way into our first year married, I realized that marriage is hard and it takes intentional work to maintain, grow, and enjoy. Even though we dated for more than 70% of a decade, we hadn't lived together. That alone was a learning process lol especially since Alex and I are pretty different. We learned more about each other. It's not easy but crucial to know how to be selfless to your spouse. 

In spring time, I worked hard to lose inches I gained around my waist. Oooo eee, I love to eat. I also conducted my research study for my thesis during this time. Over spring break. we went to the Grand Canyon. 

Over the course of the summer, I finally did something I've been wanting to do for years : style blogging. I look back at pictures from 2012 where I would ask Alex to take pictures of my outfits. I never posted them because I was so self conscious - I'm not pretty/skinny/rich enough to be a fashion blogger. With my new mindset, prayer, and encouragement from Alex - I decided to style blog as a form of worship. Why worship? Because I am worshipping the risen king of kings with a heart of gratitude. 

Also in the summer, I got one of the scariest calls ever  from Asher's mom saying that he was being airlifted to Cooks. So scary. I thank God that he is now fine. I pray everyday for this sweet boy that God may send guardian angels to watch over him and his family.

In the fall, I experienced the beautiful fall colors in Aspen for my birthday. In November, we threw an unforgettable surprise going away party for Kenny before he left to boot camp (post here). I am so glad my brother chose something on his own that he is passionate about. Right now, we can only contact him through snail mail. In December, I graduated with my masters which was a huge dream come true.  

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much reading!

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