Gratitude Challenge

11:17 PM

I have a challenge for you. 
I challenge you to live with a heart of gratitude for 30 days. That means no complaining (yikes!) I encourage you to make a list of 10 items that yo are grateful for. You can share your list of what you appreciate with a friend, co worker, and/or spouse, You can keep the list on your phone, calendar, journal, or planner. You can share it on social media to encourage others to also live a life of gratitude. Use #30daysofgratitude

By the end of the 30 days, you will have a list of 300 things you are grateful for! The items on the list don't all have to be different. They can be small or big like shelter, a car, or water, The idea is to be grateful.

Of course, you don't have to share what you're grateful for on social media. Do whatever helps you express your gratitude. I think it would be great to hold each other accountable! Sometimes it helps to see what others are grateful for because I believe it gives us perspective. Feeling grateful can be so meaningful. I hope this challenge helps you see things in a new light. I know that some days, it will be incredibly easy to make a list and on others, maybe not so.

Here's my list:
1. A car - that helps me get around, saves me time, and keeps me warm in the winter lol.

2. Jackson - he's a sweetie.

3. My friend Suzanne! She has the biggest heart and is such a huge encouragement.

4. My car's ability to charge my phone lol.

5. Today's weather - low 50s

6. Mac Selena Collection Restock!

7. I can freely worship

8. Non-drowsy allergy medicine

9. The fact that Logan's steakhouse doesn't close until 10

10. YOU, YOU, YOU reading this

Please share this with someone who you think would benefit from a gratitude challenge. Share this with someone you're grateful for! I think it would brighten up their day!
Thank you so much for reading!

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