Weekend Recap :: November 12

1:12 PM

Better late than never, right?! lol
In true Ana form, this weekend recap is late. 
On Friday, some of our very good friends Mario and Hilda had their beautiful baby boy. He is one of the CUTEST newborns I've ever held. To be honest, newborns scare me. They seem so small and fragile plus sometimes they look kinda different because of their skin color, their head shape, etc. 
But this baby is so precious and perfect - he is so calm and sweet. 
Baby fever? Yes.
On Monday, my one and only baby brother left for Marines Boot camp so we spent this weekend with him. I am really excited for my little brother and what he will accomplish. I love him so much and I CANNOT wait to see him graduate. He has always been a brave, selfless, and caring young man. I am so thankful for brave young women and men like him.

 My dad was surprising good at bowling lol.
 Never a dull moment..................

 The recruits were in line to get on a bus to go to the airport and from there go to their corresponding training sites. They were suppose to wave us bye but Kenny got out of line to hug us.
He called us on Monday night telling us that he had arrived  at the San Diego Airport and called my mom one last time saying that he had arrived to Boot Camp.
Please keep him and our family in your prayers.
We love you Kenny!
Thank you so much for reading!

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