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Last year for my birthday, Alex surprised me by taking me to Chicago to celebrate my 26th's birthday. 
The O'Hare airport was really easy to navigate through. Everything was clearly labeled. On our first night we quickly learned why it was called the Windy City. For dinner, we enjoyed Chicago style pizza. Alex totally spoiled me when we stayed at this really posh luxury hotel - The Tremont. He thought it would be perfect because it was close to everything we wanted to do. It is literately a few steps from Magnificent Mile. 
The next day we went to go see the famous bean and took a river boat tour of the city. A week before we left to Chicago, the forecast predicted a nice sunny 70 degrees but it was actually a freezing, cloudy, and windy 50 degrees. Regardless, we enjoyed our visit. Looking back, I really enjoyed getting a taste of colder weather. 

Alex took me to eat dinner at The Signature Room which is 95 stories up. The city looked incredible!

On our last day, went to the Skydeck at the Willis Tower. One little tip - I would plan to accommodate to the weather because sometimes there is no visibility :( like in our case. 

Afterwards, we took a walk at the Navy Pier. Alex and I don't usually go to Museums on short trips but we just HAD to go to the Art Institute. I recommend going if you visit Chicago! For lunch, we ate Chicago style hot dogs at Portillo's. 

Just as we were getting ready to leave, I decided to do some shopping on Magnificent Mile. I took longer than expected and threw our schedule off. We were going to get some coffee before heading to the airport, As we approached the coffee shop, I noticed a really cute lady. Then an orange shopping bag caught my eye. I knew that she was somebody lol. It was GUILIANA Ranic!!!! I approached her and asked if she was Guiliana and she took a second to think about it and then said yes. I was so excited and asked for a picture. She agreed and asked where I was from. 
She was really nice even though I knew she was making her way to dinner with her husband and son. 
Thank you so much for reading!!

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