Weekend Recap :: October 8

9:57 PM

I had such a good weekend with family, friends, and new experiences. 
My husband was off this weekend which was amazing!!! We got to spend time together :)
On Saturday we did a shoot and I loved my outfit so much I didn't want to change out of it lol! Then we went to the shooting range. I have never shot a gun in my life before so I was so so nervous. Everything about owning a gun hit me all at once. Like the idea of taking someone's life away. It took me at least 15 minutes before I could shoot lol. I finally shot the gun then I started getting sick to my stomach lol. My husband has it on video. After a few rounds, I felt better as you can see below lol. 

Only I would cheesing this hard at a shooting range lol.

It was our friend's birthday party on Saturday and it was fun. So much fun that I only took a few photos. I also don't want any evidence lol. Well ok there's this one before things got a little crazy lol. 

 Apple bobbing with the Palladinos!!!
 Selfie time with disposables! lol
We spent Sunday morning recovering :/Then I went shopping for a dress to wear to one of my good friend's wedding. I'm so excited for her! We did a fashion shoot with an awesome, young, and hip lady! I can't wait until my husband finishes her photos!
Later that day, we ate dinner with some friends in honor of Nataly's birthday! I love you Nataly!
Thank you so much for reading!!

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