Weekend Recap :: October 29

6:54 AM

This weekend was an interesting one ........
First, it was Halloween weekend and I do not celebrate Halloween. In fact, I hate Halloween. Like big time. I don't like scary stuff and I feel like it's an eerie time of the year. 
The only thing that I like about it is seeing other people dress up. I love seeing other people's creativity. I was invited to a birthday spooktacular for a sweet girl so I dressed up as a donut lol! 
I love this little boy like a fat kid loves cake!
So one of the most awkward things about writing weekend recaps is when I am invited to multiple events happening at the same time. For example, this weekend, I (unsuccessfully) tried to juggle four different events. I only made it to two :(
It's just awkward for a someone to read my weekend recap to find out what I did instead of going to their event. I also HATE not following through with commitments, I hate that so much so I usually RSVP with a "maybe" lol. I do this because I hate feeling bad. 

Sunday was a fun day with my boo going to church, spending time together, and enjoying some good ol' barbecue. I used to not like it but I think my taste buds are changing because I love it now lol. 
My husband is sooooo handsome.
One of the verses that really touched me today ::
Your kindness is forever
Your goodness is forever
Your mercy is forever forever

It absolutely amazing me how much God loves us. It brings tears thinking about his unconditional and perfect love. PERFECT pure love. PERFECT agape love. It's so crazy that someone who knows all my sins, shortcomings, and the darkness of my heart LOVES me. LOVES LOVES LOVES a sinner like me. I am so unworthy but so thankful. 
If you haven't experienced this, PLEASE email me 30dreamsto30@gmail.com
I would love to talk to you!

I almost forgot to mention that on Friday I watched my high school Alma Mater homecoming game. We are currently undefeated. Our team demolish the other school merciless 55-0. 
Go Scorpions!

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