Weekend Recap :: October 22

10:06 AM

Oh happy day!
On Friday, I went to my friend's daughter's baptism celebration. It is one of the most cute, over the top, and adorable parties for a one year that I have ever been to! 
My friend, Araceli is one of the hottest moms I know.
On Saturday, one of my friends since elementary school got married!! I was so honored that she invited me! I have so many good memories with Selena. I remember planning and dreaming about our lives as adults like weddings and having kids. And now we're both married!

So gorgeous!

 Again with my boo,
The T & P station is a beautiful venue for a wedding. 

 I also ran into one of my good friends from middle school, yes middle school! She is still so sweet, hilarious, and drop dead gorgeous! Guys, I had no clue what I was doing in Algebra and she would always help me! She literately taught me how to solve for a variable. I couldn't stop laughing when I told her that I now have a degree in Mathematics lol. I am so her prodigy.  
On Sunday, we worshipped our Risen King with family. We went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Let me warn you about this place : you will love it and it will make you want to nap afterwards lol.
We did a couple of shoots which I'm really excited to show you!
For now, here's what I wore to the wedding: A long black dress with a single slit under a semi-sheer lapel coat and my Saint Laurant heels. I wore the closest thing I have to a wristlet, my Prada pink clutch. These are so comfortable for dancing. I bought a size bigger and put pads inside to make them more comfortable.
Thank you so much for reading!

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