Weekend Recap :: October 15

10:36 PM

Happy or not so happy Monday! 

This weekend one of my really good friends, Michelle got married! 
I can hardly believe that she is married already! I remember when her groom and her first started dating. I remember when she told me that he proposed and now they are married!
Congratulations little!!

 My mom is gorgeous. 

 I love this dress I found last minute from TJ Maxx! I know your're gonna think I'm crazy but we were meant to be lol! It has embroidery with an elegant touch of sheer sleeves. It reminds me of some of the beautiful Valentino dresses from the Fall/Winter collection.
On Saturday morning, we were so tired from the wedding that Alex, Asher, and Jackson slept in and cuddled. It was such a sweet moment. I wanted it to last forever. 
After cleaning up and running errands, we went to Junior's birthday party. 
This is my husband dancing with his grandmother. I love her. 
On Sunday, we tried soaking up every last minute together. We also had friends over to paint pumpkins! It was so fun! 

Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.
Thank you so much for reading!!

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