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Replica designer bags –
Are you for or against them?
Here's my experience ::Go back almost seven years ago to my first trip to New York City. I was researching what to do, what’s unique, and where to shop. I ran across the notorious Canal Street – famous for replica designer bags vendors. As a college student on a budget, I was in love and so excited to fill my closet with designer bags. You have no idea how excited I was until I talked to my friend.
I talked to my friend and he completely shot down the idea of buying replicas. He thought it was so trashy, unethical, and would have other implications. He said that if I bought replicas now that when I bought authentic bags people would think that the authentic bags were also replicas. I was so discouraged but I had to do my own research before deciding whether I would buy a replica or not. I learned about the penalties, production which often involved cruel conditions for the workers, and how several criminal organizations profited from the replica bags.

To tell you the honest truth, I am so ashamed to say this but what actually kept me from buying replicas was the cost of a replica bag. I was hoping the bags would cost about $50 because they were fake. (Now that's kinda funny) I learned that the replica bags can actually cost up to $500. That’s RIDICULOUS. The replicas bags that I was looking into at that time were actually about $200-300. I realized that for a couple more hundred, I could buy the authentic bag. I saved and saved  to buy this authentic Louis Vuitton Neverful. I do not regret buying an authentic bag. I have the peace of mind knowing I did not support cruel working conditions or criminal organizations. I also feel good knowing I have a timeless piece of premier craftsmanship.

After some years later, I have learned about resale value of authentic bags. Some bags increase the price each year without warning. I learned this lesson the hard way lol. I waited to buy a bag and then had to pay more for it later. The Louis Vuitton bag here in the picture has increased more than $500 since I bought it!! I can now resale this bag for the same price I paid more than five years ago!
Does that make sense? Let me know if you want more info on this topic!

I suggest you do your own research in order to make the best decision for your lifestyle and budget. 
 What do you think about replica designer bags?

For this outfit, I am wearing black skinny jeans, Chanel Espadrilles and I cut one of my off shoulder dresses to make a shirt.
My sunglasses are from ILYMIX.com use Dreams20 for 20% off!

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