Weekend Recap :: September 3

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Happy Labor day weekend!
Above is one of my favorite pieces from the Frank Stella Collection.
Did you know that the art museums in Fort Worth are FREE on Sunday? Yes, FREE!
We had my godson and his brother over this weekend and it was so fun! They are some of my favorite little people ever.

 I styled my mom's vintage speedy here
Saturday was fun but busy with a fashion blog shoot that I cannot wait to show you! Never Lost Photography takes my photos for style shoots. He is an amazing photographer and I highly recommend him!
Then we shopped until we literally dropped. We were so tired but shopping with my mom is so much fun. I love it. 
I didn't do a lot of shopping myself since I was helping her find some last minute things for her upcoming trip. I did get a free gift from Sephora since it's my birthday month!
I also found these sunglasses. Maybe they could be a birthday gift? lol
In the evening, we went to a baby shower. I was able to see one of my good friends that moved to El Paso. I was happy to see her because I missed her!

Sunday was another blog shoot. My husband (who is the blog's primary photographer) is so awesome. He works full time, goes to school full time, and still takes my photos. I love him and it's amazing to see his passion for photography. 

After church, we ate lunch and cleaned the house. It was a team effort but I rewarded the boys with a trip to the art museums. We had such a great time. I hope to go again when I have more time. 
How was your Labor Day weekend?
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