Weekend Recap :: September 24

1:22 PM

This weekend .......I have no words. 
It was my birthday weekend!
On Friday, we invited some friends over for a casual dinner. I didn't feel like going to a restaurant because it wouldn't give us the time or space I wanted to talk and enjoy my friends' company. And literally the only thing I wanted to eat was In-N-Out burgers. So we had a few friends over and catered In-N-Out lol. I wish I could have had more people over but we didn't have space :( 
 Some of beautiful friends from Friday's dinner!
Saturday was crazy like literally. We did a shoot, took Jackson to his doggie hotel, and finished/started packing lol. To say it was a whirlwind is an understatement. 
Below is my airport look.
Black shirt :: Shein
Pink utility :: Forever 21
Jeans :: American Eagle
Shoes :: Nike
Pink nose :: allergies
I have this thing where every city (outside of Texas) I visit, I try to go to H&M. Denver is 13th city. 
Other city posts.
For my birthday, I like to do something memorable and fun. I think life is too short to not do the things you want.  Last year for my birthday, Alex surprised me by taking me to Chicago which was amazing. Usually my favorite scenery is a city that I can explore and Alex loves the beach.
This year, I wanted to go somewhere new especially during fall. After talking to some friends and doing our own research, we choose to go to Maroon Bells near Aspen, Colorado. It was more beautiful than what I could ever describe. 
We landed in Denver and drove to Snowmass along Independence Pass. It was the most beautiful scenic drive even though some parts of the drive made me nervous. I'm so glad my husband is a good driver and I know God watched over us and kept us safe.

My husband took amazing photos of course which I cannot wait to show you!
Just when I don't think life can get any better, my students and my good friend brought me this cake! How cool is this cake??!! Do you recognize this pic from one of my fashion posts? More fashion posts
 Thank you so much for reading!!!

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