Ultimate Bra Hack

11:21 PM

So I feel like I would be a terrible friend if I did not share this with you.
It is literately life changing!!!
About a year ago, I did not wear strapless shirts or dresses because I could have a bra that worked for me. Then I learned this bra hack...........

 Strapless bra Hack :; Buy a bra that is one band size smaller and one cup size bigger. 
For example, if your regular bra size is 34B, then buy a strapless bra with the size 32C.
Since your band is smaller, the strapless bra stays in place! The
larger bra cup size balances out the smaller band size!
 I am wearing my black off shoulder dress thanks to this bra hack!
I love chokers but decided to wear this bandana as my choker. I paired it with my black classic Chanel flats and red Celine nano. 
I was inspired by beautiful Paris, (Pictures from my trip here)
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 Let me know if you try this and if it worked out for you!

Thank you so much for reading!!!
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