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2:19 PM

I am currently so obsessed with capes and chokers. I love the 90's, like LOVE LOVE LOVE. You have no idea how glad I am to see chokers back. 
I used to think that chokers were only for more grunge and edgy looks but I have seen new really cool chokers with lace, of different widths, materials, colors, and rhinestones like the one I'm wearing. Chokers are back and improved!  
I added a second necklace because the v-neck of the dress was so low. 
I bought the cape dress online through ASOS so I wasn't able to see how it revealed cleavage. I don't like to show a lot of cleavage but at this point, I just had to look confident. 
How did I get the second necklace for under $4? Read below!

He will be offering Pumpkin Patch photos soon!

Cape Dress :: Asos
Shoes :: Weitzman
Clutch :: Tory Burch
The second necklace is from Rocksbox, Rocksbox is a premium jewelry subscription service that sends customers three pieces of jewelry for only $19. You can keep it as long as you would like. 
I usually keep mine for a week, return them, and get a new box within a few days. In other words, I am able to get two Rocksboxes (with three pieces each) so I get six pieces a month and only paying $19 a month. That means that I am renting each piece for under $4!
A full review of Rocksbox.
You can join Rocksbox and get the first month FREE
with my code :

IG :: 30dreamsto30

                                                                                                                                                                      Thank you so much for reading!!!    
Let me know if you like chokers! And your favorite place to buy them!

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