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12:45 AM

So I went for an overdue root fill.
My hair had my natural black roots, top layer of medium brown, and blonde ombre. I asked for a chestnut brown and this is what I got. 
 I completely freaked out when I first saw it, because it was not what I asked for. 
I literately cried all the way home and several other times that day. 
Then I cried because I was crying over something so vain like my hair color. I felt like  had spent so much time, energy, and money to lighten my hair for one hair appointment to reverse everything. 
The first time  dyed my hair to brown - I had a lot of people tell me that this shade (brown instead of black) was so much better so I felt like they were saying that I looked ugly with black hair. 

It's been two weeks since my hair appointment and I can tell you that the color has definitely grown on me. I have learned to like this hair color. Actually, I really like how I don't have to fill in my roots. My hair feels more healthy now than ever before. I like the darker shade for fall. I definitely don't think blonde is for me. I think the dark brown is so chic and compliments my style. 

This dreamy and flowy dress is from Shein and under $20!
What do you think? Should I keep this color or go back to brown?
Thank you so much for reading!

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