Camis, Chokers, and Chanel

7:36 PM

Some of my favorite things begin with the letter C. 
While everyone is getting ready for fall, it's still pretty warm in Texas!
I bought this perfect Autumn cami dress but it fit me too big and it looked unflattering. 
I think that how something looks on you is one of the most important factor when buying something. 
It doesn't matter how much you paid, whether you like it, or the trend. 
If it doesn't look good, don't buy it.
I wore a white t-shirt under the cami. I think it's a perfect combination for cooler days. This way you CAN wear camis into fall! 
This lace choker!!
It's from Shein.
The cami dress is sold out but here are similar and for less

White classic with navy Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

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Thank you so much for reading!!

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