Birthday Gift Guide for your Lady

10:21 PM

Since my own birthday is quickly approaching, I thought a birthday gift guide for the woman in your life would be helpful! These are things that I would LOVE to receive!

1. Flowers  -
Who doesn't love flowers?!
2. Silk Pajama set -
A dreamy, soft, and beautiful pajama set that your lady would look amazing in to sleep in. I love these below from Asos. You can get two or four day shipping!
This one is satin and so dreamy!
This one is jersey and looks really comfy!
3. Hugs and warm wishes from people who care about me.
Like a lot of them. Everything on this list can be replaced or traded but people are gifts from God.

4. Necklaces -
 I love this necklace from Ilymix. It's boho and edgy. Use my code Dreams20  for 20% off!

I love love this necklace. It's edgy, beautiful, and filled with beautiful details.

I love this necklace, too! It's so pretty!
5. Candles -
I love candles. They are relaxing and improve the odor of the room while adding an elegant and nice touch to your home. My favorite scent is lemon.

6. Kind birthday cards
I have a box full of birthday cards that anyone has ever given me.

7. Longchamp -
This bag is easy to fold and pack. It's so perfect for traveling because it is well made and light weight. It comes in different sizes! I have the large and x-large so I think the small one would be perfect!
8. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume -
This scent is amazing. My mom is a perfumeholic and she introduced me to this scent. I fell in love instantously.

9. Mariachi Serenade
Insert heart in eyes emojis. I love Mariachi serenades. Last year, we finished my  birthday festivities with late night tacos and we ran into a Mariachi group at the taco restaurant. They sang the Mañanitas! It was the best way to end my birthday.

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