10 Things you may NOT know about me

10:44 PM

1. I am not a light packer - This something I try to improve but I really haven't lol! I wish I was a light packer because it would save me time, money, and energy. I know Alex wishes I could pack light too since he usually carries or pulls my luggage.
2. My Bachelor's degree is in Mathematics - I love math and learning!
3. I am a super Grad student - I think made this term up lol. A super senior is someone who did not graduate "on time" or according to their plan. I planned on graduating last May but that didn't happen. I am only a thesis away!!! One of my dreams is to earn a Master's degree. Check out my other dreams!
4. My birthday is coming up! September 26 to be exact!
5. I do not like talking on the phone - nope. I like to text. When I have to call someone, I get nervous.
6. I am bilingual - Hola! One of my other dreams is to learn a third language. Knowing a different language has really helped me when I have traveled out of the United States.

7. I am the least choreographed person - Pretty much. I just can't. lol I overthink things and since I already struggle, I get self conscious.
8. I laugh when I am nervous - I laugh uncontrollably like I can't stop and then I know that I should stop so I get more nervous so then I really can't stop. It's so embarrassing sometimes.
9. I can sleep just about anywhere - I am one of those people that can close my eyes in ten seconds and fall asleep. If the temperature is warm then I am out. lol
10. I am so thankful that you are reading this! I really do appreciate you coming to visit my blog. It means the world to me! I sometimes write this hoping others will read it and that I can make you smile or laugh.

Was there anything that surprised you? Do you think I left anything out? Let me know!

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