Weekend Recap :: August 20

10:01 AM

It's been a rough weekend but at least I have an awesome God and amazing people around me.

As you maybe read - I was having a hair dilemma. I didn't know if I should keep my blonde ombre or transition into a brown. I made up my mind and went to my hairdresser on Saturday and my hair did not turn out how I asked or wanted. To be honest, I hated it to the point of tears on Saturday. I'm having a really hard time adjusting. A post with pictures is to come. 

Jackson has a weak stomach so when he was vomiting Friday night we didn't think much of it. Then Saturday it got much, much worse. I will spare you the details because they weren't pretty. We took him to the pet hospital. He was diagnosed with the Parvo virus. We were surprised because he already had three vaccines. Parvo can be very deadly especially among puppies and expensive to treat. 

Right now (Sunday) - he is doing better. Thank God!!! We are so grateful to the kind and helpful staff members at the hospital!

Signs of Parvo : lethargic, change of behavior, vomit

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