Perfect Day in San Francisco

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My sister and her friend are in the Bay area while I'm at home and so jelly lol. 
I started wondering what I would be doing if I was in San Francisco - so I made an itinerary for the perfect day in most beautiful city in the world! 
9:00 Start Before leaving, make sure you have a sweater or jacket to keep you warm! San Francisco can be chilly. Wear comfortable shoes! Also bring a bag to carry souvenirs and a blanket!
9:30 Breakfast Start the perfect day with breakfast at the Grind. Generous portions with decent prices. They have indoor and outdoor seating.
10:30 Golden Gate Bridge Go see the Gold Gate Bridge!!! I can tell you it is the most beautiful landmark I have ever seen in my life! You can walk, bike, or ride across. Here's my love letter to San Francisco. 
12:30 Lunch Grab lunch and get some souvenirs in Chinatown! They have a wide variety with lots of savings. My favorite place to eat in Chinatown is Snow Garden. I will warn you that Chinese food from anywhere else will not taste the same!
2:00 Downtown After lunch, walk around downtown San Francisco along Market street. There is lots to see! Ride a cable car!
3:00 Tea time The Rotunda is the best place to have tea in San Francisco! The Rotunda is beautiful and inside Neiman Marcus. I suggest you make reservations so that you can sit by the windows.
4:00 Tiled Steps San Francisco has many, many hills and sometimes the slope is so steep, there are stairs! Well these stairs are just any steps - they are a beautiful mosaic piece.
6:00 Painted Ladies Relax in one of my favorite spots in San Francisco. The famous Pained Ladies are across from Alamo Square - a great park with a gorgeous view of the city. Walk around Pacific Heights and Haight-Ashbury district. It is such a lovely neighborhood. Go check out the "Full House" house. 
7:30 The Bay - You get a scenic view of the Bay at Pier 39 or at Pier 7. You will not regret it!
The bay is incredibly beautiful.
8:30 Dinner My favorite Mexican restaurant is Tropisueño. It is amazing! They have delicious and authentic entrees.
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I hope you found this itinerary helpful especially if you are limited in time in San Francisco. Pretty please share it with others!

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