My Laser Story

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I have been self concious about my sideburns since middle school and I tried different methods to reduce my sideburns. I tried waxing but it hurt so much. As a very foolish preteen, I made a bad mistake to use a razor. I did nothing about it for a while because everything I had done was a disaster. 
Then almost two years ago, someone told me that my top buns and ponytails didn't look as good with my sideburns. At first it hurt my feelings so much. Below is a before photo getting water from a fountain in Barcelona. Myth is that if you drink it- you will return to Barcelona again! But back to the story. It took a really rude comment to convince that I had to do something to remove the sideburns. I hated them. Just look below. I mean I could have better sideburns than some guys lol. I was so embarrassed. 
I had been wanting to try laser hair removal but I heard it was so painful and so I was so scared. My friend's comment really hurt my feelings to the point that I didn't care about the possible pain of laser hair removal - I just wanted to remove my sideburns.
I bought a groupon and I went to my first session. By the way, six sessions were recommended for me.  My esthetician was so nice and helpful. My first session went great. It did not hurt more than a pinch! I loved it and I was able to remove my sideburns. I even got more areas lasered lol!
Please keep in mind that I had several characteristics of an ideal patient for laser hair removal, because I have light skin with dark and thin hair. I've also noticed that the thicker hair, the more the pinch hurts. I am not a doctor so please do your own research before you choose laser hair removal. From my experiences, I highly recommend laser removal removal. The amount of sessions depend on the area, your skin color, your tolerance,  and hair color.
I'm so glad I did laser hair removal! I thanked my friend for being honest with me. I wish I had done laser earlier lol. I definitely recommend laser. Check out Groupon for deals. 

Thank you for reading! 

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