5 Things you MUST know about Barcelona

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Barcelona is phenomenal! Here are five things you should know before you go!

1. Barcelona is part of Catalonia which is different than other regions of Spain. In fact, the primary language is Catalan and not Spanish. When I got to the airport I noticed some differences but was so excited that I didn't realize the signs were in a different language! lol.
2. Tipping is already including in the cost of the meal. This is so nice especially for tourists who want to be nice but don't want to be taken advantage of.
3. Siesta time- Spaniards take time to relax during the day after lunch. This means that just about everything closes including shops.
4. Daylight - in the summer there is daylight until like ten o'clock. How crazy is that?! In contrast, there is limited daylight in the winter. It can get dark around 5 o'clock.
5. Meals - Breakfast can be very light and lunch is more heavy. Lunch can easily be a three course meal. If you go to a restaurant for lunch expect to be there for at least an hour up to three hours. A great lunch option is Cien Montaditos. The sandwiches are only one Euro.

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