Weekend Recap :: July 2

1:00 PM

Can y'all believe it's already JULY!??! 
It's crazy! I got back from Orlando and have been exhausted ever since. I don't know what's going on! 
On Saturday we took photos of an adorable family. They were so sweet and funny. Their mom wanted photos of her kids while they are still young and we were honored to capture them. 
After leaving the photo shoot, the noise my car was making got worse. A good friend recommended a mechanic who was across the street from us. Thank GOD because once we got there, he realized that the water pump could have easily fallen off.  
I was late to one of my good friend's baby shower. Her baby shower was amazing! Baby Shower goals like crazy. Every detail was thought through. The decorations were perfect and cute. I can already tell that her princess will be very loved. I can't wait to meet her. In fact, she may arrive on my birthday!  
Sunday was a blur lol. We went to church and caught up with some of our friends. It's been amazing seeing Alex grow to be the spiritual leader of our home. We were productive and he was even sweet enough to take us to Rosa's! By the way, their fajita salad is the BOMB.com
More than a year ago, I lost someone very special to me, my grandmother. She means the world to me. One of the things that I regret looking back is not having many photos with her and of her. This experience has impacted me to want to capture special moments for years to come. I asked my husband - an outstanding photographer to capture my parents. I do not want to have the same regret ever again. This is why I love photos because time passes on but a photograph can remind us of good times. When my husband took the photos, my parents were so cute like a teenage couple on their first date. It was adorable and heartwarming to see them in love. 
I encourage you not to have the regret I had. My husband and I would love to photograph you and your loved ones so you can have a piece of time forever. My husband's website. I can't wait to show you the photos from my parent's shoot. Below is one I snapped on my phone - isn't my mom gorgeous?!
How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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