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I was able to go to Orlando as part of a work trip and it was so much fun! This was my first time in Orlando and at  Walt Disney World!
I was so pumped to go to DisneyWorld but I was afraid that none of my other colleagues would want to come with me. Luckily, I have a very sweet and adventurous friend who encouraged me to go even if I had to go alone. So I went solo to DisneyWorld because YOLO. 
After this selfie was taken, I found out that selfie sticks are not allowed at Disney World. Ooops. Don't tell on me! lol
Orlando is a hot and humid place during the summer. But everything is better in DisneyWorld(right?!) . I survived the humidity and enjoyed different rides and character greetings. The characters were so kind! Anna took pictures with me and even recorded a message for my godson. 
Since, I was in Orlando for a short time, I could only go to one park at Disney World. I decided to go to Epcot because Magic Kingdom is very similar to DisneyLand and I have already been to DisneyLand.
I was able to go to Universal Studios with two awesome gals. It was so fun! We had a blast at Harry Potter World! 
Butterbeer is so good! 
You can buy your own wand inspired from the characters. There are two types of wands: one that allows you to perform "spells" around Harry Potter World and one that doesn't lol. 
Thank you for reading! Hopefully, you found this helpful! Please share with this with a friend who is planning to go to Disney or Universal! Thank you in advance!

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