Mix it up!

9:27 PM

Did you notice my new logo?! 
I'm mixing it up! Just like my outfit below! I wore a geometric pattern shirt with stripes and my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag. This bag is so perfect. It has several components while still being lightweight. It's not too showy. so it's the perfect bag to take on vacations. Even though the bag is small, it can fit a lot of things like your wallet, lipstick, mirror, a snack (lol), camera, and more. 
The blog is also making some changes ......... The blog is no longer "Where in the world is Alex and Ana". After some reflection, time, and talks, I will write this blog will primarily and my husband will take the photos. Isn't he an incredible photographer?! His website.

Living life to the fullest.
Risking my life for a photo lol. 
San Francisco is my happy place. 
One of my dreams is to live in San Francisco. Love letter to San Francisco.

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