Fabletics Review

12:23 PM

I totally got lured by the Facebook ad. $15 for a workout outfit?! 
With the special promotion, you are entering a special VIP group. You receive a workout outfit once a month for $50 and you can cancel at any time. Keep in mind that with the special promotion - you only have a certain amount of time from when you click on the link to decide if you want the promotion meaning you are joining the VIP status requiring monthly subscription.  

Outfit :: Fabletics 

Shoes :: New Balance

Bag :: Longchamp

Photography :; Never Lost 

I really like Fabletics for making cute workout clothes. They have different styles, prints, and purposes. I loved the outfit that I received. I think that Fabletics is perfect for any girl who likes to look cute when working out and has variety in their workout closet. The pieces you get once a month can be mixed and allow you to be creative!

I would rank Fabletics very high in comfort and style. I don't think the workout outfit I received is the best for high impact workouts. I think it's ideal for yoga, pilates, weight training, and cycle. Keep in mind that I have only received one workout outfit.
This post was not sponsored! In conclusion - Fabletics is great for someone who wants to look really cute while working out. I think it's totally worth it! You can get a new outfit every month if you choose to do so! If you think a friend would find this post helpful - please share it! Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or feedback about Fabletics please let me know in the comments!

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