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It's July in Texas which means it's hot. I wanted shorts but I couldn't find the shorts I wanted anywhere. I wanted dark blue denim that were about 4-6'' inseam but I could only find booty shorts lol so I decided to make my own!

You can too! It's really easy! No sewing required! This DIY can be done in 5 minutes! You can also save money and have some custom made shorts! You only need two things which you probably have at home so this DIY could cost you nothing!

DIY shorts:
Need: pants or capris and scissors 
I'm using these long shorts from the Limited. If you've never done this before, I recommend thrifting a pair of shorts so you don't worry about ruining a new pair of pants. 
1. Put your shorts on
This will give you a more accurate measurement/visual
2. Mark your desired length - this is your first marking 
 3. Mark a spot three fingers past your first marking
4. Cut along the second marking 
Don't worry about making it perfectly even because we will fold it!
5. Put your shorts on and fold twice
This is after only one fold
I suggest folding it twice! 
Finished product!

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Thank you so much for reading!

Please let me know if you have any questions! Let me know if you also made the DIY shorts! I would love to see pictures! 

Shirt :: old (similar, and similar)
Necklace :: Old Navy (in store only)
Bag :: LV "Neverfull"
Wallet :: LV "Josephine" 
Sandals :: Old Navy (in store only)

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