What to wear when you travel

9:44 AM

This is a struggle..............

You want to be cute but comfortable, but not too dressed up or not too casual. Plus you have to keep in mind the weather and surroundings. Not to mention that you will take a ton of pictures! It's not easy!

I recommend:

1. Look at the weather
2. Consider your itinerary
3. Plan and get inspired
4. Try it on before your trip

My sister taught me #4 and it has been so helpful. I had this bad habit of packing clothes that I really liked but had not tried on. It was a mess when I found out that they didn't look so great together lol. 

In this picture, I am wearing a top that isn't too dressy or too casual. I paired it with shorts because it was very hot that day. I'm wearing my aviators. 

The shorts are short but it was Vegas. 

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Photos taken in Las Vegas. 

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