Weekend Recap June 11

5:33 AM

My weekend started early on Friday! YAY! It was fun to have Alex and our godson, Asher with us on Friday. 

We started Friday with a walk for Maddy. This whole week, I have walked her so she could get tired and let me get things done lol. Afterwards, we went shopping with my sister. If you would like to see a haul - let me know in the comments! After shopping and chatting, we ate lunch and my sister documented the whole thing on her snap. In the evening, one of my good friends came over and we talked and talked.To end our night, we bought beautiful flowers. 

Saturday was so much fun. We worked on the blog and organized our place. To reward ourselves, we went out to brunch and it was delicious. Afterwards, we went swimming! 

Sunday started with church. I love how Asher loves going to his Sunday school class. I pray that God would continue working on his heart. Alex took us out for lunch and then we went swimming until it started raining. Asher helped me decorate our guestroom. We say it's his room and I'm so glad that he really likes how it coming along.

What did you do this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

Furniture shopping with my best friend, Asher, 
Maddy girl wanted to help us. 
I need your advice!!! Should I add another row of pictures to our gallery? Please tell me what you think.

Frames :: Michaels

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