Las Vegas Tips

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Viva Las Vegas!

  • Check the weather! Las Vegas is a desert, so it can get very hot in the summer time. We went in March and the weather was AMAZING! I highly recommend.
  • Las Vegas is a city just like any other so when you look for hotels, make sure you know that there are several not on the strip. 
  • Deals, deals, and more deals! Hotels offer generous prices to get you in their hotel so you can gamble. You can stay at some hotels for less than $30 a night on the strip! 
  • Getting around is easy with or without a car! There is a local bus that drops you off directly at all the major casinos on the strip. All casinos offer free parking to make it easy for you!
  • Set a budget for gambling. It can get addicting!
  • All major strip casinos offer complimentary drinks including alcoholic drinks. However, it can be difficult to receive continuous and prompt service from a waitress or waiter. I recommend that you tip your waiter or waitress so that they can serve you better. 
  • Be careful and cautious of different rules each Casino has. Some rules do not allow phones, sitting, and some have areas with high starting amounts. 
  • Plan and research different entertainment options like concerts, shows, magic shows, and pool parties. 
  • For the best view of Vegas from above, I recommend the Eiffel Tower. 
  • The best mojitos I've ever had can be found in a bar in front of Caesar's Palace. 

Water Show in front of the Bellagio

I highly recommend the Stratosphere, if you are on a budget. It's clean, modern, and on the strip. 
The people dressed up in costumes will be so friendly and invite you to take a picture with them. They expect a pretty tip for it. 

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