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7:59 PM

Hi everyone! I hope y'all are enjoying your summer! For this month of June, I want to take advantage of summer. One of my goals is to run four times a week. Twice a week, I run three miles and the other two times, I sprint over intervals a course of two miles. I also am doing cardio four times a week. I love a good sweat. For me, running and working out is a huge stress reliever. If I am ever feeling down, a good sweat is amazing. 

Another one of my goals for June is to spend time with the people I love. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so I think it's really important to show people how much we care. I also want to get to know you! Yes, you reading this lol. Please leave me a comment with some of your summer goals!

Another one of my goals is to sleep more. I am so bad at this. I can easily stay up to two o'clock in the morning and wake up tire at six am. My goal is to sleep eight hours daily. It hasn't been easy, but I am making improvements.

Dress :: Calvin Klein

Bag :: Dior Lady 

Shoes :: Saint Laurent 

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