10 Things You MUST Know about San Francisco

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The foggy City
1. It is extremely easy to get around without renting a car.
There are many options including (BART) Bay Area Rail Train, Uber, walking, bikes, tour buses, cable cars, and the Muni bus system to name some. You can also download the app Moovit to give you step by step directions on how to get to such about anywhere. 
The BART is so helpful especially if you will be staying in the surrounding cities. It has connections to both airports. I suggest you bring cash with you to save time. 

3. Tenderloin is the roughest part of town.
 It is heavily populated by homeless and mentally ill people wandering the streets. Be careful when you book a hotel, because hotels in the Tenderloin always seem have the lowest prices and don't fully depict how rough the Tenderloin can be. 

4. Napa Valley is not in San Francisco.
 It's North of the city. There are different options to getting to Napa Valley like charter tour companies, a ferry, or driving. There is a wine train that takes you to all the wineries in Napa. Napa is not as cool (weather wise) as San Francisco. In fact, it can get very hot. Guide to Napa Valley

5. Killer Hills
It gets easier with time. The Hills.... The Hills ...They make this city unbelievable interesting, unique and beautiful but they can provide a good workout. Wear comfortable shoes! Like I'm talking the most comfortable shoes ever made. Alex and I learned our lesson after the first trip and bought shoe inserts lol. They say Rome has 7 hills but San Francisco has over 40. Some hills are so steep they have stairs for safety! 
6. Weather
I heard someone describe San Francisco's summers as the coldest winter he had experienced. I learned this very quickly on my first trip. It's the Foggy city! Before noon or so, it's cloudy, foggy, and chilly. The sun doesn't come out until afterwards but it doesn't get very warm. Keep this in mind as you plan your trip. For example, on our first trip we weren't able to see all of the Golden Gate bridge because it was so foggy.
7. Festivals and Celebrations
Alex and I have gone twice without knowing that there was some big festival. There was a Santa Con were everyone dressed up as Santa and bar hopped. It was crazy! 
8. Hippies
Hippies are definitely part of the San Francisco scene. You will see them in parks a lot. Being homeless is a part of the Hippie lifestyle. Rent in San Francisco is ridic, the weather is nice, there are plenty of parks, and along with being a hippie - no responsibilities. Hippies usually don't ask you for money or mess you at all. They are living pretty chill to bother tourists. That's the difference with Hippies and homeless people, because Hippies are homeless by choice it seems.

9.Hippie Hours
On our first trip, we were really surprised by the Hippie store hours. We were used to good ol' Texas Hospitality when stores would open at 9 or 10 am and close at 8 or 9 pm. Not always the case in San Francisco........... Some shops open at noon and close at 6 pm.

10. Most expensive  and beautiful city
 You may fall completely in love with San Francisco
The Golden Gate bridge, the Victorian homes, the parks, the food, the art, the people, the hills, the sunset, the colors, the fog, the weather. I don't blame you. You may even look into moving there until you realize that it is the most expensive city to live in the US.

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