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Seville, Spain was one of the stops in Europe and it was great time. Our very good friends Heath and Elsa Wilson picked us up from the airport on New Year’s Eve, which was amazing. We missed our dear friends very much and we were more than grateful to see them and spend a holiday with them.
First thing was first after catching up, we needed to get some food, Spanish food, so we set off to get some tapas at a restaurant in the city. Tapas are small dishes that are about the size of an appetizer here in the States. The food was amazing, very flavorful and hearty.

After dinner we headed to a plaza in Seville, the same plaza where a scene from Star Wars II was filmed. We walked around and the Wilsons gave us some history behind the plaza and other parts we had walked by. We saw many old, castle like structures with gargoyles on the corners. It was like stepping into a movie.

After quite a good amount of walking around town it was time to head back to the house, as most of the shops were closing early for New Year’s Eve. At the Wilson’s home we did a lot more catching up over a delicious home cooked Spanish meal, it was great to see such great friends in such a beautiful country.

As the clock struck midnight, we completed a Spanish tradition of eating twelve grapes in twelve seconds. I was not successful.

As the night grew later it was time to say goodnight, the next morning we woke up to some warm churros and a hot chocolate dip for the churros. The churros weren’t sugared like we have here in Fort Worth, TX but plain to be dipped in the chocolate. On our way to the airport we stopped at a nice little café to try more pastries and drink a nice cup of coffee.

Departing was tough as we were leaving to very dear friends again as we left Spain. It was tough to say “See ya’ll later” to the Wilsons but we knew that we would see each other again soon. Thanks again to Heath and Elsa Wilson for their generosity and hospitality.

We cannot wait to meet baby Santi!


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